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Wholesale Fertilizer, and Farm Store

Oakley’s Bagging Subsidiary in Beebe, Arkansas offers wholesale bagged fertilizer using bagging capabilities such as Heat-Seal and ton bulk bags.

We also offer farm supplies ranging from fertilizer, feed and vet supplies to fencing, baler twine, hay, salt, and lime.

Our fertilizer is available in bulk, bulk bags and bags sized from 25 to 50 pounds. We offer fertilizer spreading services and buggy rentals for spreading fertilizer. We also sell Oakley Deer Corn for hunters.

The facility is capable of storing 2,000 tons of bagged product, 100,000 bushels of grain, and 1,500 tons of bulk fertilizer.

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At Beebe location, we are a full line fertilizer facility with bulk and bagged fertilizer available. We also offer custom fertilizer spreading and fertilizer buggies with purchase of bulk fertilizer.

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Oakley's Fertilizer 13-13-13

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Oakley's Fertilizer 24-6-12

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Oakley's All Grain

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Oakley's Whole Corn

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Oakley's Whole Oats

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12% All Purpose Pellets

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Corn Gluten pellets

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Fine Stock Salt

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312 South Fir St
Beebe, Arkansas 72012

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Phone: (800) 323-4006