Our Pneumatic Tank Division operates in 48 states and Canada. We have 300 trailers in this fleet and 300 professional owner operators under lease. We can quote single or multiple loads and generally can supply numerous trucks if needed for emergency situations. If you need a quote, please give us a call! 1-800-662-0875

Trailer Information

Our Pneumatic Tanks vary in size and specifications depending on the commodity/requirements. This Fleet consists of:

  • 1000 cubic foot (Primarily Sand Tanks)
  • 1200 cubic foot (Primarily Sand Tanks)
  • 1600 cubic foot (Vacuum Pneumatic Tanks) Plastics
  • 2000 cubic foot (Straight Tanks) General Commodities
  • 2200 cubic foot (Straight Tanks) Lightweight Commodities

If you need it bottom dropped, blown into a silo or Vacuumed out of a rail car, give us a call.

Sales Contacts:

Manley Denton
Phone: 501-320-8437

Scott Cowden
Phone: 501-320-8431

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