Each video discuses different reasons why Owner/Operators choose Oakley Trucking. Click on any of our videos below to learn more about us.

Owner Operator Qualities
What qualities do Oakley Recruiters look for in an Owner/Operator?
Dispatch Expectations
What does a dispatcher expect from an Owner/Operator?
History of Oakley Trucking
What is the company history of Oakley Trucking?
What does orientation consist of at Oakley Trucking?
What benefits does Oakley offer an Owner/Operator?
Why is safety so important at Oakley Trucking?
Time at Home
How often can I get home as an Owner/Operator at Oakley Trucking?
miles (Custom)
How many miles can I run per week at Oakley Trucking?
whatis-drybulk (Custom)
What is dry bulk? What will I be hauling?
What do you like best about working at Oakley Trucking?
Dry Bulk Hauler
Dry Bulk Hauler
oakley_technology (Custom)
What type of technology has Oakley utilized to make things easier for the owner operator?
Oakley End Dump Trailer Demonstration
mileage_or_percentage (Custom)
Does Oakley pay mileage or percentage?
Does Oakley have dedicated lanes?
steady_work (Custom)
Does Oakley have steady work or is it seasonal?
What is a Wet Kit & Blower?
What type of equipment does Oakley operate?
Does Oakley run Electronic Logs or Paper Logs?
deductions width=
What weekly deductions does Oakley have?
How much money can I make at Oakley Trucking?

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